Click & Go Boat trailler ;

Click & Go Boat trailler ; We design and build our own Click & Go boat trailers that are engineered specifically for any boats at our shipyard.

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Basics specifications:

S = Standard feature; O = Optionnal
Trailer wheel bearing lubrificated by gravity pressure oil with transparent oil tank, clear lexan cap and SS bushing on axle. "Pressure lube" R.T.M. pat pending. S
Bow self mooring system with galvanised safety chain and SS hook that fits on every boat. "Clic & Go" R.T.M. pat pending. S
Round aluminum 6061 T6 cross members with P.E.H.D. rollers. "Member roller" R.T.M. pat pending. S
Inflatable bed wheel on aluminum rim and hardware rolling on P.E.H.D. bearing. "Free wheeling" R.T.M. pat pending. S
Suspension component are all in aluminum with 6" diameter rubber bushing. Tandem trailer type with aluminum suspension 6000 lbs axle, 4" drop. 15" tire rating D (8 x 4) on hot galvanized rim S
with Kodiac 12" SS rotor, galiper and bracket. 0
All aluminum and hardware are to be marine type or SS 316L with anodes. 0
Aluminum bow stop with heavy duty rubber 6" x 4" x 3" blocs. H) 0
Brake actuator Fulton 8000 lbs with easy interchangeable 3" diameter ring or hand for 2 5/16” ball size and Dexter electric/hydraulic actuator with automatic selection. S
LED lighting. S
Manual winch 3700 pounds with nylon strap and safety hook grab on an adjustable post. 0
Tongue jack 7000 pounds with bottom plate and 5000 pounds wheel. 0
Plastic P.E.H.D. ¼" wheel fender. S
Fiberglass round guide ¾" x 5' (3), adjustable in width with bushing and pins. 0
Aluminum ratchet winch and 2” cargo straps with safety hooks (2). 0
Aluminum 6061 T6 "H" beam 6" x 4" x .290". S
All fit in a box 16' x 4' x 2'. S